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Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD); 

  • Undergraduate Courses: IEL 56-Engineering and Sustainability, IEL 564-Sustainability Oriented Innovation; IEL 430-Thermodynamics. IEL 562 Industrial Operations. 

  • Postgraduate Courses: MAGS 462 Engineering, Society and Sustainability; MSS 101 The Economy of Sustainability; PDCS: Social-Ecological Systems

Director, Sustainability Research Centre & Strategic Resource Management; (CiSGER), School of Engineering, UDD. 

Faculty, Doctoral Program in Social Complexity Sciences, Research Center for Social Complexity, School of Government, UDD.

Principal Investigator, iSustainabilityLab

Mentor for the HBA Sustainability Certificate, Center for Building Sustainable Living, Ivey Business School. 

My research explores the complex and evolving coupled human-ecosystems governance to deliver practical and straightforward solutions to current sustainability problems like water scarcity and food, waste management, energy, and environmental pollution. My main goal is to develop analytical frameworks for understanding the causes and effects of sustainable national development through a better understanding and integration of local systems. Natural resources, climate characterize these, infrastructure needs engineering, and social and political factors that influence decision-making at the public policy level, linking science, technology, society, and education.  Through qualitative and quantitative methods, I attempt to understand if and how various governance techniques, such as regulations and planning processes, can be led to the effective adaptation to changing social and ecological circumstances. My current work examines the governance of environmental challenges associated with technological changes in ecosystem services use and management. My field of research is Sustainability Science.


The National Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Crystallography Symposium 2023


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